Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pre-40 Day Challenge!

Tomorrow we start the Paleo challenge! I'll do my best to post daily food diaries, as well as any resources or recipes that I'm using along the way. Tonight or tomorrow morning, my hubby and I are going to take before pictures and weigh ourselves. I suggest you do the same, it's always really great to have proof of your progress.

Until then, I'm enjoying one last glass of wine. Good luck to us all!


  1. Good luck. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow to buy a 1 pound bag of Hershey kisses. Our paths in life diverge sharply.

    1. You aren't allowed to post anything about food I can't eat from today through Mar. 30th ;) It might break me. I see you've posted a few more chapters from your story. I last left off at chapter 26, so I need to catch up!