Tuesday, February 26, 2013

40 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 14

Two weeks, people!! Shyaaa!! I'm super-tired today. Long day at work followed by an AMAZING hot yoga class, plus cooking, cleaning the kitchen, and now my husband just started an episode of Star Trek. Which means my ability to focus on this blog is quickly fading.... Also, a forewarning. I am going to the Pink concert tomorrow (I can't begin to express how excited I am without sounding like a giddy little teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!), so, there likely won't be a post until the following day. You'll live. No really, you'll get through it.

Back to Star Trek... who's your favorite character? I'm watching Next Generation, so my knowledge is limited to those characters. My favorite is Lieutenant Commander Data. I keep waiting for him to use a contraction, but haven't caught him yet.

Day 14
The usual. I don't even know why I list breakfast.

Leftovers: curry and pistachio/walnut crusted snapper and flounder. Shortly thereafter, a banana. My mouth was on fire from the ghost pepper spice, needed something to chill it out.

Paleo Simplified bar....and a banana. They were stating to get brown so I was clearly trying to rid our stock of them.

1 grill chicken drumstick, 1 hot Italian sausage, and leftover curry. Italian/Indian fusion, anyone?

A much smaller portion than normal of Double Layer Fudge. My piggy complex yesterday kinda bothered me. but I couldn't NOT eat this! :)


  1. Data is the best character of "Next Generation". But the best Star Trek series is "Deep Space 9" (Well, after the first season which was mostly filler and mini adventures to establish characters and setting) in which case I would go with Ben Sisko, who is a war hero, politician, and space Jesus.

    1. DS9 is the one that Marcos is watching now. I've caught parts of a few episodes, but try not to watch as I don't want any spoilers! I've heard the name Sisko a few times, and I think I know which one he is. I'll keep an eye out when I graduate to DS9. :)