Sunday, March 17, 2013

DIY painting and tips

Hooray! I did my own version of a Pinterest DIY craft today. And it turned out exactly as I'd hoped.  Let me share.

A few weeks ago, I saw this Pinterest item (what do you call the individual articles on Pinterest, anyways?):

DIY Wall Art

And using the steps from that Pinterest pin, I created my own, similar-but-difference painting.

My inspiration comes from this metal piece that we bought at HomeGoods. Pardon the terrible photo quality. I must get a real camera.  This piece is mostly a golden-bronze color, with silver, circular pieces at the end of the branches. In the middle of the circles is more of the golden-bronze color.

Our living room wall is large and slopes upwards, and this one piece is definitely not enough to cover the wall. So, I decided to add some paintings that mimic this piece. The paintings would sit on both sides of this piece on our wall, and angle upwards to conform with the odd shape of the wall.

I bought two same-sized canvases, and painting them entirely in this Venetian gold color. When that dried, I laid the metal piece over the two canvases, and used a pencil to stencil the outline.

Using that outline, I put down blue painter's tape for the branches and circular stickers. The tape and stickers will maintain the gold beneath them.  Then, I covered both canvases in a deep blue color.  After the blue dried, I used a silver spray paint to spray over where the stickers were.  Here's where I started taking photos. You an faintly see the outlines of where the tape branches are.

After peeling back the tape and stickers...

Before hanging on the walls, I used two tricks I recently learned. Use blue painter's tape to mark the center line along the wall. This will help maintain a sense of symmetry between the objects.

Also, cut out pieces of paper the same size as the objects you into to hang. Use painter's tape to hang these pieces of paper on the wall. Its easy to move these items, and you haven't created any unnecessary holes in your wall. :)

This was not my final configuration, but
thought I'd snap a quick pic as an example.

 End result... btw, the lighting is not truly accurate. Our couches are a sage green color.  And I hate the rug. Expect that gone soon.

Any Heroes fans?? "Ya-taaa!!!"

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