Thursday, March 21, 2013

40 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 37

Sorry for being a Negative Nancy yesterday. I was being a bit of a wimp. After a good night's rest and some hot yoga this evening, I'm feeling centered again. Thanks for letting me be a cry baby. I think I just hate the waiting game -- I only did the lab work yesterday and am already impatient for the results.

So we bought a new juicer. I think I mentioned that yesterday. But we feel terrible throwing away all of the pulp from the items we juice. So... we are trying something interesting. We're using the "pulp" in our onion bead and our carrot muffins tonight. Our initial taste tests are suggesting that the outcome will be equally as yummy, and now, with more nutrients. And to top it off, we aren't wasting what we would normally just toss out. Yes!

Day 37
The usual (no onion bread though)


Slow-cooked stew: steak, cauliflower, squash, onions, green onions

Btw... did you know this about green onions? We've been growing our own in our kitchen window sill now. Pretty cool!

An apple, some almonds.

Juice!!! Kale, beets, carrots, mangoes, celery. DELICIOUSNESS.

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