Wednesday, March 13, 2013

40 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 29

Space is cool. Over the past couple of years, I've come to appreciate it more and more. Particularly, space requires kind of a unique perspective on things. And I'm not just talking about my love of Star Trek or Doctor Who. 

How often do you look up to the sky and actually think about what you are looking at? Stars are these magnificent, burning balls of gas millions of miles away. That sliver of moon you're seeing? It's not a sliver, you're only able to see the side of the moon that is being illuminated by our own magnificent, burning ball of gas. And the sun -- without it, we wouldn't continue to exist. It provides heat, and energy, and is a necessity for our survival.

And while we look up at this blue or black blanket seeming to cover our sky, we are usually too busy in our lives to think beyond it. While we're stressing about our daily commute, or what to make for dinner, how often do you stop and debate the bigger things? Sometimes I pause, look up to the sky, and am reminded that there is so much more out there.  Perhaps there other life forms out. If so, are they simply microorganisms, or are the sentient beings capable of logic and creativity and love and hate?  And how beautiful would a pulsar be to observe? And how freaky is the concept of a black hole?  While we're busy worrying about making a deadline or stressing over bills, at any moment, so chaotic event could happen from space that would just end our existence. An asteroid could crush us into smithereens. Of course, I'm a big believer in only worrying about the things you can control (asteroids are not on that list)... but in the end, will the things that stress you on a daily basis really matter? If that jerk cut you off in traffic.. in time, will it impact anyone? this planet? the universe?  No. So, let it go. And pray that jerk gets a face full of asteroid.

Chandra Crab Pulsar

Space may not always be on your list of "bigger things" to ponder -- but I think it's a simple way to refocus your perspective. If you think about it -- a lot of the little things we sweat over pale in comparison to the size of rest of the universe. There is so much beauty, so much unknown to learn about, so much potential. Feel like you'd like to learn more? I recommend something simple and simply genius... such as Stephen Hawking's Into the Universe (I know it's on Netflix).

Recently, we've upped our nerd levels and tried to locate ways we can feel more connected to space. We signed up for alerts from NASA which tell you when the ISS (International Space Station) will be passing over your city.  You need nothing more than your eyes to spot it. That thing is FAST. It was such a rush when we were able to spot it a few weeks ago.  We also have an app on our phones (Meteor Shower Calendar) that informs you when meteor showers will be visible. Tonight, we ran outside because we heard on the news that the Comet PanSTARRS would be visible in the sky (I think we just missed it. Boo.).


In time, we'd like to get a telescope, but not now.. we're saving up for a trip to Brazil. Or that could be a major hint for anyone looking to buy us Christmas gifts. :)  

Okay, enough rambling. I didn't really have anything to talk about, but since Marcos and I ran out to see PanSTARRS a few minutes ago, I figured space was worth a few words.

On to the food diary....

Day 29
The usual (no onion bread). Making new onion bread now -- will post the recipe tomorrow. I want to confirm that my spice measurements were sufficient for flavor first.

Amy's Tomato Soup, I wasn't particularly hungry.

Carrot Muffins... with this batch, I used cream of coconut (condensed coconut) to make an icing. De.Lish.

Steak, sausage, mixed greens salad

Cup of warm milk and nutmeg. I know milk is an "on-the-fence" Paleo item, but I've slept poorly these last few nights, and warm milk with a nutmeg is a surefire way to knock me out.  G'night :)

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