Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Challenge to Yield Change

Blogs have taken over my world.  Well, let me explain. Not MY blog. I wish I had enough interesting, new ideas to share with the world. Sadly, I don't. But on the plus side - I have access to all of these resources that make my life so much more informed!

Here is how three separate blogs have influenced my life today:

Lower Body Workout
bacon alfredo1Loving Fit - Athlete Body workout
This is the workout I did today. Kill-er.

PaleOMG - Chicken Bacon Alfredo
This is the delish recipe I made for dinner (well - a variation of this recipe).

Hole in a Field
And this is my friend's short story that I started reading. I'm through Chapter 15 - can't wait to see where it goes. His blog is called "Movies, Comics, Games, and Me."

So while I don't have a unique concept to share with the world, at least I can share some of my favorite resources. I'm like a super-scaled-down Pinterest where you don't get to dictate what interests you, I do. I've actually not yet used Pinterest, but everyone tells me I'd love it. Should probably check that out next...

I have decided that my life is more interesting with challenges. And I don't mean difficulties at work, or fights with the hubby. I mean self-chosen challenges to improve myself. I'm thinking about doing a 40 day challenge (that happens to coincide with Lent...) in which I can have no grains or processed sugars. I'm trying to align myself with a primal (omg - another blog!) lifestyle. While I've made some improvements, I need a solid push. This will get me much closer, as these types of challenges have always helped to reset my perspective on what and how much and how frequently I eat. I don't expect my eating habits to be perfect, but I'd certainly like to see them improve. And while I love my husband very much, he likes to buy items that I know are nutritionally worthless to me (he loves him some bread). I'm hoping he'll join me in this challenge, but that's not really his thing. Which is totally fine. Which means there will be bread in the house... So forcing myself to say "no" 40 days will be difficult during the challenge, but should help me to make "no" a more regular response afterwards. I think I'll call it the "40 Day No Processed Junk Challenge." I'll define some guidelines in an upcoming post. So, who wants to join me on this?? :)

I'm also interesting in doing a light form of intermittent fasting at night. Or maybe not even to the extent of true IF. I'm trying to eat in line with the adage "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper." Meaning - you should really only eat to support the amount of energy you will expend for the rest of the day. After dinner, there isn't usually enough time in the day to burn off a big meal. Too much food to digest will just sit in the belly until morning, and it messes up our digestion cycle (10pm - 2am). Plus, eating less at dinner and stopping food intake 6-7 hours before bed has shown to be a great source of weight loss. I'm sure I could point you at some great sites to explain... but you know where Google is.  But anyways, 6-7 hours before bed for me is ... 3pm. So that's not going to happen. But, I figure the earlier I can set my dinners, the better off I will be. Not sure how I'll get to that point yet, but I'm mulling it over.

I know no one really reads my blog right now - but I'm hoping someone will someday. For that one person someday  what do you want to improve or change in your life? What plans are you setting in place to get there?


  1. I read your blog! Good luck to you! and in response to your question, I want to dodge the processed crap that lurks in my kitchen when my hubs doesn't eat it for right away and it just sits around, calling my name. May the paleo force be with you!

  2. Good luck with your challenge! I know you can do it! And to answer your question to your readers, I am trying to dodge the processed junk lurking in my kitchen (i.e., Tim's treats). With quitting smoking, i find it hard some nights to avoid. But i'm gonna try!!!

  3. Hey Beautiful lady! I still read your blogs... :) You're fascinating and driven. Thanks for taking the time to share. I am about to start the Ultimate Reset 21 Day Cleanse... Hoping for some great results, energy, and new perspective. Keep the recipes coming! :)